The University is currently trying to reduce costs where possible. To assist this process, we have therefore agreed with Royal Mail to introduce a new system in our mailroom. This system is called ‘Cleanmail’ and allows us to process 1st and 2nd class letters at a discounted rate, providing the letters conform to certain criteria, thus making valuable savings for the University.

For a letter to pass as ‘Cleanmail’ it must meet the following criteria:

*100g or less

* No larger than165x240mm and no smaller than 110x145mm

* No thicker than 5mm but no thinner than 0.25mm

* Name, address and postcode clearly printed (not handwritten) with no punctuation at the end of each line.

Please use either a window envelope or a label with nothing else displayed.

 e.g.  Ms Anybody

        1 Anystreet


         CITY           (Upper case)

         AN1 XYZ    (Full postcode must be included)


We ask that henceforth, you keep your ‘Cleanmail’ separated and banded and that it is delivered to the mailroom for processing no later than 2.30 pm. on the day of posting. This is to assist us with the processing of this mail and to allow us sufficient time to advise Royal Mail how many ‘Cleanmail’ items we have for collection each day. We are asking for your co-operation and assistance in aiming to achieve this.

In order to maximise the overall benefits of the new system, we ask everyone issuing mail to make their very best efforts to comply with the above requirements. Please note this system is for 1st and 2nd class small letters only, as mentioned above.

Finally and in order to assist with this transition, we need to understand who uses a database to process their mail, as there may be some cleansing and upgrading required. We will be able to offer help with this.

If you would like any more information please contact me by e-mail as below.


Louise Cowie louise.cowie@stir.ac.uk


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